About the Grant Writing Workshop

Writing successful grant application is an art. Even though the research is primarily being evaluated, presentation and respect for the requirements of the funding agency are key aspects that can make or break an application.

This workshop aims to provide ECRs with guidance to improve their art of writing grants. The focus of this workshop is on ECRs with intentions of applying for DECRA, however everybody is welcome.

In the first hour of the workshop, our demonstrators will dissect various important parts of a proposal together with tips on how to improve them. In the second hour, participants will have a chance to get feedback from the demonstrators for pre-written paragraphs/proposals.

In order to assist our demonstrators, please submit your text together with your details to https://goo.gl/forms/6ajATZJECnl9Er6h2 before coming to the workshop.

Workshop Chair

  • Professor Colin Fidge, QUT


  • Professor Xiaofang Zhou, UQ
  • Professor Paul Strooper, UQ
  • Professor Margot Brereton, QUT
  • Professor Rodney Topor, Griffith University
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