Dr. Peter Croll PhD, CHIA, FACS, CP (1)

ACS QLD Executive Board Member

ICT is now an essential component in delivery quality products and services in the ever-expanding healthcare sector. To be successful requires a good understanding of the many drivers and limitations across the various healthcare industries, both public and private. Hence, today’s ‘Health Informatician’ has to balance their knowledge of the capabilities of ICT and take a sociotechnical systems approach towards the specific healthcare environment in which they operate.

Dr Croll’s presentation will initially outline what makes ICT in Healthcare different from other industries and the various types of occupations and unique rewards such work offers. Through case studies, his presentation will focus on Privacy and Security issues by applying risk reduction techniques necessary to ensure a holistic approach to developing safe health ICT solutions.


Dr Croll brings extensive experience as an ICT/Health Informatics consultant. He has worked in both industry and academia as a Professor of ICT and research leader in eHealth at universities in QLD, NSW and in the South Pacific. He is a past HISA board member and national vice chair and a past chair of the “Security in Health Information” working group for the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA). Currently, he is an ACS QLD Executive Board Member, and both a Fellow of the ACS and a Certified Professional and a Certified Health Informatician Australia.

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