Prof. Yun Yang (1)

(1) Swinburne University

In this talk, I shall start with a brief summary of my research centre and related projects. The focus of this talk is on how to find out the minimum possible cost as benchmark for storing big data generated in (scientific/Web) applications and how to reduce the cost of data storage with innovative strategies in the cloud. This talk will be delivered in an unconventional manner with my personal involvement and experience in conducting PhD supervision.


Yun Yang received his PhD degree in computer science from the University of Queensland in 1992. He is a full professor at School of Software and Electrical Engineering,  Swinburne University of Technology. His research interests include software engineering, cloud computing, workflow systems and service-oriented computing. He has co-authored 5 monographs and over 240 papers with h-index=40. He is currently on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing. He was ARC ERA 2015 panel member.